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What is biological

A revolutionary method, biological dentistry uses natural materials and a holistic approach to complete mouth care. This ensures the most advanced techniques are applied to your smile. With this approach, you’ll experience fewer body reactions such as intolerances or allergies. This is because we can test your body’s response to different materials.

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Our biological dental practice in Luxembourg focuses on one core ethos - treating the whole body. Our approach recognises the impact that dental toxins and unnatural materials can have on your overall health. As such, we endeavour to use only natural components and undertake functional treatments that don’t damage your wellness goals. Plus, we’ll consult with you on lifestyle changes that can support the healthy smile you want long into your golden years.

Benefits of biological

Our biological dentistry approach looks at your whole self - diet, lifestyle, aspirations, comfort and risk factors - to create a treatment profile tailored to you. We’ll seek to use only biocompatible materials and focus on preventative treatment with high-value aftercare advice. This includes:

  • Suggested lifestyle changes to prevent or reverse dental disease
  • Safe removal of amalgam fillings
  • Reduction of harmful chemical sterilisation practices
  • Minimal exposure to x-ray radiation
  • Optional testing for allergens
  • Promotion of natural materials during treatment
  • Minimally invasive treatment approach

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Our clients say we’re the best dental practice in Luxembourg partly due to our commitment to biological dentistry. We’re a person-first practice committed to your whole-body health and well-being. We know that mouth problems often have lifestyle causes and vice versa, so we’ll always seek to complement any cosmetic or restorative treatments with sound advice to help you enjoy peak wellness for a lifetime. During our consultation, we’ll look to get a complete understanding of your health to advise on where dental treatments may eliminate symptoms like fatigue, migraines, pain, digestive issues and circulatory problems.

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Frequently asked questions about dental veneers in Luxembourg near me.

Our biological dentists in Luxembourg understand the importance of having a confident, natural-looking smile, which is also comfortable and attractive. This means that we give an extra care to functionality and balance as well as aesthetics.

INTEGRA Smile has this particularity to combine both aesthetic and biological dentistry to create an all-in-one treatment plan for our patients. Our dentists in Luxembourg believe in treating you in the best possible way, including improving your health and well-being. Not only we are convinced that aesthetic dentistry can be a great asset to improve your confidence and day-to-day life, but having it done without any impact on your health is even better! We take into consideration your past and present health issues, as well as your desires when it comes to aesthetic dentistry. By combining both, INTEGRA Smile is able to offer to its patients in Luxembourg a never-seen before care planning!

Do you care about your health? Do you wish to improve your well-being? Or do you want to avoid chemicals to a maximum? That is where INTEGRA Smile is right for you. By working with biological elements and metal-free treatments, our dental practice in Luxembourg is able to offer the high-quality treatments your dreamt of. Ceramic implants, ceramic crowns, ceramic dental veneers, our dentists take what’s best for you and your way of life, and give you tips on how to improve your overall well-being.

We base our work on the latest research in the field of dentistry and biological medicine. It is natural to our dentists to work with respect towards our patients, and respecting their health and concerns is part of INTEGRA Smile’s DNA.

Our dentists in our dental practice in Luxembourg take into account your overall health, meaning they not only try to treat a symptom but they also try to understand their source. Our teeth are all links internally to a specific part of our body. Our dentists state that if a symptom occurs, this could also be an alert coming from your body, general inflammations, an issue in your way of life, an allergy… By finding the source, our dentists make sure that your treatment will not only suit your perfectly, but also cause no harm to your body.

Most of our dental treatments are covered by the CNS. Our dental practice in Luxembourg bases its work on the quality and components of the materials used, but the procedures remain the same. Thus, you will be able to retrieve money from the CNS or your national health insurance. You will always be informed in case of a treatment not covered by the national health insurance in Luxembourg.

In our dental practice in Luxembourg, we will always test the compatibility of our materials. Whether it is with a prescription for a blood test, or with kinesiology, it is always important for our dentists to ensure your security and good health on a long-term basis.

We use ozone therapy, which uses water and oxygen to treat gum disease and oral infections; laser therapy in order to treat gum disease as well; and CAD/CAM technology to help make precise restorations. Our dentists’ goal is to preserve as long as possible for the natural tissues and teeth.

As part as our beliefs, we do not perform root-canal treatments as recent studies show the long-term negative impacts it can have on your tooth – and health.