Towards the smile
of your dreams:
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INTEGRA is the tailor to the
smile of your dreams. Planned
virtually & uncompromisingly

No unpleasant surprises!
Try your new smile in our dental office!

A radiant smile – natural, beautiful and functional: a wish that we grant day after day for our patients. Together with our SMILE Design experts, create your perfect smile using our 3D simulation software, then discover a model of your new teeth live in our office. Feel and experience your new smile!

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Looking for your
"perfect smile?"

Discover everything you need to know about the 5 steps by which Integra Smile Solutions will change your life.

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Our goal –
your smile.

Discover our range of concentrated services for a dream smile: ceramic implants, "invisible" dental gutters (aligners) & ultra-thin veneers.

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experts for the smile
of your dreams.

Get to know your 

Your new smile to try:
Dental aesthetics
without compromise.

an accurate diagnosis

No nasty impressions, but accurate scans of your digitally usable teeth as well as photo/video documentation of your facial expressions.

Your new smile to try:
Dental aesthetics
without compromise.

thanks to a 3D simulation

Design your smile on tablet - with our experts in cosmetic and functional dentistry and facial aesthetics

Your new smile to try:
Dental aesthetics
without compromise.

Your smile to try on!

With the help of a mock-up, you can try on your future teeth live in our practice. Test your new smile and put the finishing touches on it.


This is what your essay
might look like.

Make your dream of the perfect smile come true –

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Paul Lee

What makes INTEGRA
SMILE special.

"INTEGRA Smile offers a revolutionary dentistry in which the future aesthetic result is determined upstream with the patient"

True satisfaction for our patients – 
only at INTEGRA Smile.

  • Jerome E.

    “Excellent service and highly competent dentist. Quality costs but I am very glad to pay for the excellent advice and treatment options.”

  • Michèle Zeyen

    “Ich bin seit einigen Jahren bei Dr. Lee in Behandlung und bin mehr als zufrieden. […] Dr. Lee selbst finde ich sehr kompetent und vertraue ihm vollkommen. […] Er hat mir sozusagen wieder ein schönes Lächeln ins Gesicht gezaubert!”

  • Lucy Steinbach

    “Das war bis jetzt die beste Entscheidung meines Lebens. Neue Lebensqualität! Auf jeden Fall INTEGRA!”

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