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Your way to the perfect smile - accompanied by real smile experts.

You are almost there. INTEGRA Smile Experts are dentists specializing in facial aesthetics, functional and aesthetic dentistry, implantation, minimally invasive treatments and an Oral Design Dental Laboratory. They accompany you on your way to a radiantly beautiful smile. Get to know our modern range of services for your dream smile.


We correct misaligned teeth such as over/underbite, gaps between teeth, crowded teeth or crooked teeth with transparent plastic splints from Invisalign©, so-called aligners. The result is harmonious rows of teeth and a well-groomed smile. During the therapy we keep a close eye on the function of your teeth - in addition to the facial aesthetics. The treatment can be simulated digitally on the computer in advance. More about Invisalign© in the video.


Veneers are made of very thin, but extremely stable special ceramics. In general, veneers last for many years. Life-changing dreamy Smile - thanks to INTEGRA Smile Solution

Dental implants

At INTEGRA we are experts in dental implants and minimally invasive procedures - for your maximum comfort. We prefer to use implants made of high-performance ceramics. Through navigated implantation and computer-assisted 3D planning, we ensure greater safety for patients with low bone volume or complicated jaw conditions.

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Digitale Zahnmedizin

Comfortable and precise: 

digital dentistry

Digital dentistry, as we practice it, leaves nothing to chance. Because with aesthetic tooth corrections, every millimetre has a major impact on the overall picture. In many cases, digital tooth scans are not only more precise than impressions with sticky mass, but also much more pleasant for our patients. The digital patient data can also be fed directly into our simulation software and used.


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