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Integra Smile Solution


Oral designers are the elite of dental technicians. They make crowns and veneers that are almost indistinguishable from real teeth. Only about 150 specialists worldwide are allowed to call themselves oral designers. While dental laboratories produce conventional dentures according to best practices, the oral designer deals directly with the patient, creates the ceramic masterpieces based on the contours of the face and lips, applies special design rules for the teeth that lead to an attractive smile. Oral designers have special expertise in facial aesthetics, which can also be used to achieve anti-aging effects. Oral design is craftsmanship in perfection to make artificial teeth look deceptively real and natural - real masterpieces.

Unfortunately, very few dentists still use the smile design in this form. In addition to the know-how and the sense for dental aesthetics, a lot of modern and technical equipment as well as suitable premises for photography etc. are required.

The mock-up gives you detailed clues as to how the shape of the teeth should be designed in terms of length, width, rotation and inclination. However, the mock-up plastic veneers are only placed on the teeth as a test, without the teeth being ground down. The teeth can therefore appear somewhat thicker. The point here is to have an idea of the change and possibly make modifications to suit your needs. Ceramic veneers are incredibly thin. The final result is a much more harmonious look than is the case with the mock-up.

Unfortunately, very few dentists still use the smile design in this form. In addition to the know-how and the sense for dental aesthetics, a lot of modern and technical equipment as well as suitable premises for photography etc. are required.

Questions about veneers.

Veneers are made of very thin but extremely stable special ceramic. Veneers usually last a long time - up to 10 years and more. If defects occur as a result of massive overloading, they are usually fractures or chips, which can result in the veneer partially detaching and having to be replaced. In our practice, the veneer can be removed non-invasively using a modern laser, without the tooth having to be additionally ground down.

Veneers are ceramic veneers that are attached to real teeth. The ceramic material of the veneers cannot discolour. The adhesive joints created during attachment can discolour over time, which is why they are attached in the area between the teeth. So the discoloration is not visible.

With the prep-veneer variant, the surface of the real tooth is ground down. The tooth is then provided with a temporary solution until the actual veneer is made and can be used. If you decide to have a prep veneer, you have to permanently veneer your teeth.

Non-prep veneers are significantly thinner than prep veneers. The teeth are not ground for this or only contoured in the required places. A temporary is not usually required. The manufacture and attachment of a non-prep veneer requires a great deal of skill and experience from both the dental technician/oral designer and the treating dentist. The result is all the more impressive.

Veneers are made of ceramic that retains its colour throughout the life of the veneer. Anyone who decides to have real teeth covered with veneers should discuss with their dentist beforehand what the final result should look like. If necessary, the real teeth should be bleached before the veneers are fitted.

Questions about implants.

Zirconium oxide ceramic implants are the most biological solution for strong, healthy and natural-looking teeth. With the high-performance ceramic (zirconium oxide), we at INTEGRA rely on an uncompromisingly high-quality, metal-free and therefore highly compatible material that remains stable for decades and meets the highest demands in terms of aesthetics and health. Thanks to the completely white implant ceramic, no dark edges can be seen at the edge of the gums, nor can there be any dark shimmering through the gums, as is often the case with titanium implants. The material of the ceramic implants has excellent body compatibility, is 100% biocompatible and therefore also suitable for health-conscious people. At INTEGRA, our experienced implantologists use minimally invasive surgical methods and the possibilities of biological dentistry. For you, this means significantly less pain and swelling as well as accelerated wound healing.

Questions about Invisalign©

We use the so-called aligner treatment with the renowned Invisalign© system very often in our practice in Luxembourg. It has many advantages over conventional orthodontics: The individually manufactured plastic splints from Invisalign© are almost invisible, comfortable to wear and very effective. The first changes in the position of your teeth are visible after just a few weeks.

At INTEGRA in Luxembourg, we recommend Invisalign© for the gradual correction of minor tooth misalignments such as over/underbite, tooth gaps, crowded teeth or crooked teeth. The high-performance plastic splints are individually manufactured for you. They can be integrated into your everyday life without any restrictions, because: The aligners can be removed quickly and easily for eating and dental care. That's how pleasant and easy it is to achieve your dream smile at INTEGRA in Luxembourg.

Treatment with Invisalign© is not covered by health insurance in Luxembourg from the age of 17 and must therefore be paid for privately. Some supplementary insurances cover part of the treatment costs.


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