What are veneers?

Thin veneers are special ceramic covers for your tooth that create the look you want without the need for invasive tooth-shaving. Ceramic veneers can last for 10+ years and provide a beautiful finished look without worryingly grinding your own teeth down to nubs. They’re resistant to normal wear & tear and require a nearly identical routine to your natural teeth for simple care you can manage at home.

Ceramic veneers

Veneers in Luxembourg

Our dental practice for ceramic veneers in Luxembourg focuses on providing that perfect Hollywood smile without causing permanent damage to the existing teeth. With ceramic veneers, there is no need to file the tooth all the way down. Thin veneers are placed over your existing tooth to provide a photo-perfect finish without long-term damage. Plus, these covers can be easily removed and replaced if they become worn over time for a smile that’s always naturally beautiful.

How can dental veneers
be used to improve my smile?

Dental veneers can be used to improve your smile in a number of ways:

  • Hide an uneven gum line
  • Mask chipped or stained teeth
Reshape your smile for a more pleasing look
  • Minimise the look of crowding or gaps
  • Improve the whiteness of your teeth
  • • Provide a natural levelling to worn-down teeth

How we practise aesthetic
in Luxembourg

Our approach to aesthetic dentistry in our dental practice in Luxembourg is essentially focused on our patients needs and desire. 

We treat you in four simple steps:

  • 1. First consultation

    We seek to understand your concerns, lifestyle and overall health.

  • 2. Digitally-aided scans

    Then, we’ll take measurements of your mouth and facial structure to create a 3D image of your teeth and natural expressions.

  • 3. Smile creation

    Following your scan, we’ll work in tandem with you to design your ideal smile. This is a hands-on process with digital and physical models to try on and experience.

  • 4. Treatment plan

    Lastly, we’ll develop and execute your treatment plan which could include dental veneers or other techniques to ensure your ideal results are achieved.


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Frequently asked questions about dental veneers in Luxembourg near me.

Veneers are made from a special ceramic which is very thin but extremely resilient. Generally speaking, dental veneers are very durable – lasting up to 10 years or more. If defects do occur as a result of massive overloading, they are generally breaks or chipping, which can result in the veneer partially detaching and needing to be replaced. The veneer can be removed non-invasively in our practice using a state-of-the-art laser and without the tooth needing to be additionally ground.

Dental veneers are a great solution if you wish to improve your smile in an easy and painless way. Ceramic veneers can help with discoloured teeth, but they can also adjust the gaps between teeth, add some length and help with irregularity, or correct misalignment. They also do great for chipped broken, or even for worn down tooth.

Dental veneers are an aesthetic procedure requiring great prosthetic skills. At INTEGRA Smile, we can help you by modelling your final results onto your smile to help visualise the results. This would require a first consultation to discuss your needs, and we will explain the treatment plan. Your dentist at INTEGRA Smile will also check if your teeth’s condition is optimal to ensure a long-lasting success!

Depending on your case, our dentists at INTEGRA Smile will inform you about the length of the treatment. You will receive a detail of each step and your appointments accordingly. Depending on the complexity of your case, and on the requirement of the dental lab, it can be as short as a month, up to several months to complete your treatment. This has to be discussed with your INTEGRA Smile dentist.

With proper care, your dental veneers can last up to 10 years or longer. At INTEGRA Smile, we recommend that you visit your dentist every six months to have your veneers checked. We also recommend a night splint to protect your veneers from unintentional overuse during the night.

Dental veneers do not require any special care. We recommend brushing gently twice a day and flossing to remove food debris. It is also advisable to have regular professional dental cleanings at our practice to protect your teeth from decay and periodontal disease in the long term as well.

Dental veneers are made with a material that cannot be bleached. Your teeth colour will be checked carefully with your dentist at INTEGRA Smile to determine the best matching colours. If you desire to have your teeth whiter, we recommend to have them bleached before in order to have the colour checked with the colour your wish for. Our dentists will be happy to inform you about our special bleaching in our dental practice in Luxembourg!

You will find out the price of your ceramic veneers after a consultation with your dentist in our dental practice. Depending on your individual case, the number of veneers you need and the choice of dental laboratory that makes the veneers for you, the price may vary.

Dentals veneers are not covered in Luxembourg. You may send your private cost estimation to your private health insurance if you have any to get an idea of the fees they reimburse.

Our dental practice in Luxembourg offers the possibility to try on a tailor-made mock-up to visualise the results. With this technology, you will be able to have an overview of your dental veneers before even starting with your treatment! You can discuss with your dentist at INTEGRA Smile.

It can happen at the beginning that the bite changes and it takes a bit of time to get use to it. Our INTEGRA Smile dentists recommend to go for softer food for some time, but after that there is no restriction.

If you lose one or several dental veneers, you should immediately call your dental practice in Luxembourg. If you are able to retrieve the unbroken pieces, you will receive an appointment to place them back. If these are broken, this will be discussed on the procedure with your dentist at INTEGRA Smile. Those cases of loosing veneers are rare although they can happen. In case of any doubt with a moving veneer, please contact your dentist immediately.

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