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What is digital

Digital dentistry uses a modern and convenient virtual approach to help you try on your future smile right in our practice. Discover how you’ll look with a 3D simulation of your results and then test-drive your new smile with a printed mock-up that fits delicately over your own teeth. This way, you can adjust your treatment plan for a dream smile you’ll instantly fall in love with.

digital dentistry

What is Digital
Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is a core component of our digital dentistry approach. It helps you to imagine and experience your new smile before work is even finalised. It all starts with a complex digital scan - forget the goops and pastes of the past. This maps your current smile and facial expressions. Then a simulation is created on a tablet that you and your Smile Designer can interact with. Lastly, a real mock-up is formed so you can experience your new smile and make any adjustments you’d like for the most natural look. No more hoping and wishing that your treatment will turn out well. With digital smile design your results are certain.

Benefits of a
digital scan:

Digital scans of your teeth are extremely helpful in mapping both the final look of your new smile but also how your facial expressions will appear. It has a few distinct benefits over traditional dentistry including:

  • No goopy mould trays or bad aftertastes
  • Capture of teeth placement, bone structure and facial movements
  • Customisation of your final look directly with your Smile Designer
  • Digital and physical try-ons of your finished smile before work is undertaken

How we do
digital dentistry

Our approach is different. Digital dentistry gives us unparalleled customisation and personalisation options for your new smile.

We’ll help you achieve the look you want in 4 easy steps:

  • 1. Professional consultations

    We’ll walk you through the options and any potential challenges you might face.

  • 2. Digital scan & photos

    We’ll map your teeth, bite, facial movements and more for a precise digital model of your mouth.

  • 3. Smile planning

    Together with you, we’ll create your perfect smile through digital and physical mock-ups you can really try.

  • 4. Professional treatment

    We’ll launch your treatment plan, keeping the lines of communication open with you at every stage to ensure your total satisfaction.

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Frequently asked questions about digital dentistry in your dental practice near you!

Intra-oral scanners are the state-of-the-art type of oral mapping tools. Thanks to this device, our dentists are able to get a precise and 3D view of your oral cavity. Painless and quick, in no time our dentists are able to shape a map of your teeth, gums, palate and tongue. You can get further explanations on how your treatment will occur with a 3D view of your mouth in order to understand better what’s happening.

No, digital scanning is not radioactive. We combine the 3D scanning with X-rays and Cone Beam to have the perfect external/internal view. This process allows our dentists in Luxembourg to have a more precise and detailed understanding, thus to provide with an accurate diagnosis.

A mock-up is a thin layer of composite resin placed over your teeth with thin temporary veneers shaped as your finished smile. This allows your to have a look at your smile after the treatment. By doing so, you can really understand how if will look like on you once the work is done, and if there are details you don’t like, we are able make the changes before starting with the treatment! Our dentists will advise you on your nature smile line by taking specific points on your face to trace your new smile. This will match perfectly with your face features, expressions, skin tone, you will be able to feel the difference right away!

Our patients in Luxembourg choose to work with the Digital Smile Design concept for many reasons:

– They are reassured about the procedure: they get to control from the start what they want

– They are able to test-drive their smile, meaning they can really get in front of a mirror and smile as wide as they can to have the best feeling prior to start with the treatment

– No painful process ! We will take pictures and videos of you to assess your features and you get to be in the centre of everything!

– Not only cosmetic dentistry, DSD is a way of life. You will quickly be able to feel the confidence and brightness of your new smile!

    Here at INTEGRA Smile, we have a wealth of experience with dealing with anxious patients. And our dentists do not want to see you suffer! The key is to give you as much explanations as we can by taking the time to really get to know you.

    As our dentists know, all of our patients have different needs. This is why we do not put any time restriction and we are here for you and your needs. Our dentists in Luxembourg take the time to understand your expectations and to advise you, as we at INTEGRA Smile believe that a great treatment starts with a great relationship! Our dental practice in Luxembourg wants you to be in the centre of our attention.

    Together with your dentist in Luxembourg, you will first discuss about your needs, expectations, medical history, future… This will allow your Smile Designer to get a better overview of what you need. Once this is done, our dentists will advise you on what is possible and what cannot be done. Each patient is different and it is important for us to have a tailor-made consultation and treatment. Then, our Smile assistant will take pictures, videos, scanner, x-rays, everything your Smile Designer needs to create the smile of your dreams!

    Once the first consultation is finished, we let the magic operate and we create your perfect smile. You will meet again ten days later with your Smile Designer to place the mock-up, and shine! If everything is working out for you, we start to discuss the treatment plan and the fees. If you wish to change something, then your dentist will adapt.

    Depending on your need and treatment plan, it can last for months. We know that it can be scary to wait this long, but it is for the best! We give time for your body to heal and adapt, and if you wish we can also provide you with temporary denture to help!

    Depending on your treatment plan, the costs that will apply can vary due to the complexity of your case, treatments and overall needs. You will always be informed beforehand with a private cost estimate.